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Swedish Drill Revisited II

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Swedish Drill Revisited II

What is Swedish Drill and how to benefit from it today...

No program of exercise is without risk, and that applies to the program outlined in Swedish Drill Revisited, Swedish Drill Revisited II and Swedish Drill Revisited III.  If the recommended movements are performed improperly, physical injury may result.  Therefore, if you or your children perform the exercises described in these eBooks, you agree to do so at your own risk and discharge the author from any and all negative claims.  The instruction and advice provided in these eBooks are not a substitute for personal consultation with a health care professional. 

Swedish Drill is something frequently referenced throughout Charlotte Mason’s six volumes.  Soundness of body was a primary goal of incorporating this form of physical education into her schools in keeping with her philosophy dedicated to the development of the whole child. Yet today we know very little about Swedish Drill and what it looked like when implemented. Charlotte Mason educators often wonder if it is something that should be incorporated into their own [home] schools or if it is just an outdated method of physical activity. My desire is to help you see what Swedish Drill looks like in practice and convince you that it is still highly beneficial as an activity to implement in the education of your children. 

Swedish Drill Revisited

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