When your children clamor for something, there's a chance it's worth clamoring for. And this is one of those things: Swedish Drill!

Drill was practiced in Charlotte Mason's schools, and we really enjoy incorporating it into our day, not just because Mason recommended it, but because it is good--no, wonderful!

Drill offers a break from big brain work, and it provides opportunities to focus on core strength, proper posture, and the habit of prompt obedience.

I executed drill pretty poorly last year, but thanks to the expert research and thorough instruction of@dawnduran8708 (homeschool mama and physical therapist extraordinaire!), we can easily do it now.

Dawn's e-book, "Swedish Drill Revisited: A Modern Approach to Charlotte Mason's Recommendation for Physical Education," which includes video demonstrations, makes it practically open-and-go, and I am so thankful. Check out the link in her profile for more information! 

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No program of exercise is without risk, and that applies tothe program outlined in all Swedish Drill Revisited instruction manuals and the Swedish Drill Revisited Flash Cards.  If the recommended movements are performed improperly, physical injury may result.  Therefore, if you or your children perform the exercises described in this eBook, you agree to do so at your own risk and discharge the author from any and all negative claims.  The instruction and advice provided in this eBook are not a substitute for personal consultation with a health care professional. 

The Swedish Drill Revisited Expanded pdf

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@charlottemasonirl is focusing on “movement” this week and I wanted to share the best resource on learning and leading Swedish Drill exercises. This book by Dawn Duran provides the background and history of Drill, along with research into Mason’s discussion and use of drill in her programs. The best part for me was the last part of the book where actual drill routines are given with real pictures and videos. Finally, Dawn’s training as a physical therapist is invaluable as she incorporates modern research into healthy and safe movements, along with pictures of the incorrect positions. We’ve now been using Drill in our home and co-op and I’ve been able to see how it fits into the Mason paradigm so well. In order to do drill properly, students must practice the habits of attention and proper execution. The other movement breaks we take don’t do this and often seem to leave the children too exhausted or too wound up to sit and focus again. The last picture shows an immersion with Dawn Duran  at our retreat last summer, which was so fun. If you have a chance to learn in person with her, you must! She is as delightful as she is knowledgeable! And, yes, our neighbors probably think we are crazy for doing this with 20 children on our front lawn!

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A Modern Approach to Charlotte Mason's Recommendation for Physical Education

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A modern approach to the classic swedish drill 

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Swedish Drill is something frequently referenced throughout Charlotte Mason’s six volumes.  Soundness of body was a primary goal of incorporating this form of physical education into her schools in keeping with her philosophy dedicated to the development of the whole child. Yet today we know very little about Swedish Drill and what it looked like when implemented. Charlotte Mason educators often wonder if it is something that should be incorporated into their own [home] schools or if it is just an outdated method of physical activity. My desire is to help you see what Swedish Drill looks like in practice and convince you that it is still highly beneficial as an activity to implement in the education of your children. 

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Dawn Duran is a licensed physical therapist with a Master of Health Sciences degree and over 20 years of clinical experience in the field.  Prior to becoming a physical therapist, Dawn was a Division I collegiate volleyball player, and upon graduation she became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  In addition, Dawn completed extensive training to obtain Stott Pilates Rehabilitation certification and used this knowledge both in clinical practice and as a fitness instructor.  Dawn is committed to staying current in her field of expertise, and this project was adopted with the goal of updating Swedish Drill using modern health science principles. 

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A modern approach to the classic swedish drillTM 


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